Deb and Bre's Extravaganza!





         Hi my name is Bre and I was born in Johnstown, P.A, but my family moved to ohio soon after and i live in a small town :] I'm a sophomore at Troy High school, and i'm in the marching band  I play trumpet! I love anime and my favorite color is purple. Last year in French I i met a girl named Deb and She became my best friend. We are still very good friends to this day. (Deb is a Junior though) I like English class, French and Band. I love Music i can't live without it. I love to watch anime and read manga some of my favs are : Naruto,Inuyasha,Mahou sensei negima,Melancholy of Haruhi suzumiya,Bleach, Death note, Zero no Tsukaima, CCS and sailor moon.


I like to read : Chibi Vampire:] Ultra maniac, sakura Taisen (sakura wars) , Full metal alchemist, Sorcerror hunters and Tsubasa :]

 I also like to play video games and i play alot of final Fantasy ;} my favorite games.


That is pretty much me in a nutshell if you want to know more about me my personal e-mail is u can email me there with any questions :]




The Great Deb, that's how you should adress me!
Ohoho, yeah I'm serious.

Well let me brag about myself for a bit okay :)
Because I'm just that amazing!

I like to draw anime and regular comics rather it be in acutally comic for are them just standing there...doing nothing.
I also am addicted to soda and fun.
And you might want to know that I like yaoi and shojo-ai so if you can hook me up with some ; ) you can reach me here:

Plus if you want to see some of my comics go here: or Either is fine its just that Deviantart allows me to submit stuff that Sheezyart doesn't.

Also don't be a jerk I really hate that. It pisses me off >:(
Just like vegtables they piss me off also >:(

Well that's just about it! Except you don't know my age gasp well you pervert you don't need to know(I'm just to lazy to fit it in somewhere!)

Love, Deb