Deb and Bre's Extravaganza!

Welcome :]


     Hello and Welcome to our site :]  This is our site of all the random crap we do. We wanted to start this site because we do lots of funny stuff sometimes and we figured we would start a site :] Especially because we are going to Ohayocon :] So this is our site, so feel free to look around our site. We appreciate any feedback you want to give us,This site is basically for your viewing purpose and its if u just like anime :] We even have a weekly review from Deb of what to read and watch that's cool right now. We also have info about Ohayocon and we will help you Find Con's in your area! We will also be putting our dubs on this site too :] We dub many animes just for fun. We also have links to all of the good places, and we have links for people looking to cosplay. When we go to Ohayocon we will keep you updated with pics :] So We welcome you to our anime site!


-Bre and Deb-